S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Tracker


S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Tracker


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S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Tracker

Empire Vehicles Smart Alarm and Smart Tracker System

Security and safety are high on the agenda when it comes our vehicles. We offer the latest state of the art Security system, specifically designed for your vehicle application. Combined with our Smart Tracking Device it is an easy way of keeping control of your situation.

The Smart Alarm is manufactured by a ‘Genuine Australian Manufacturer’ with over 30 years’ experience developing Security products. Our products are designed to meet or exceed Australian Standards suitable for the ever-changing requirements of the market, and we back this up with readily available technical support, service and spare parts.

Our Smart Alarm combines the security of an in-built immobiliser with the addition of a Battery back-up Siren offering a greater degree of protection for your entire vehicle. The Smart Alarm can be tailored to you and your vehicle’s individual requirements with the addition of different trigger points and programmable features to suit your application.  Our Smart Alarm is generally activated from the supplied Remote keys (using Code Hopping technology), or alternatively they may be controlled through your vehicles factory supplied keyless entry remote controls. This integration into factory systems is available for most modern vehicles with factory supplied remotes. It offers you the advantage of increased security whilst maintaining a factory appearance and no additional remotes on your keyring.

With the addition of our optional Smart Tracker your security system offers the peace of mind of reporting back to your Smart Phone any Alarm Triggers, complete with the Google map link indicating exactly where the vehicle is at that time. The Smart Tracker will report various Alarms and can also be programmed for other SMS alerts such as;

  • Duress Alarm – a dash mounted SOS button is included in our installation
  • Battery Disconnect Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Geo-Fence – where a predetermined radius of a location is set, a SMS will alert you when the vehicle enters or leave that zone.
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Moving Alarm – if the vehicle is moved without the ignition turned on

As well you have the ability of Arming or Disarming your Smart Alarm via SMS when the Smart Tracker in incorporated in the system.


Live Tracking

Using the same Smart Tracking device as part of your vehicle’s Security System you also have the option of Live Tracking, ideal for Fleet management or electronic log booking.

  • History available of past movements of your vehicles
  • Check time spent at each stop
  • Time taken from one location to the next
  • Speed checking and distance travelled
  • View your entire fleet on one screen
  • Viewable from any internet enabled device