Onan 3.6 kVA Basic Service Kit


Onan 3.6 kVA Basic Service Kit

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Onan 3.6 kVA Basic Service Kit

Onan 3.6 kVA basic service kit includes:

– Onan Air Filter

– Onan Fuel Filter

– Onan Spark Plug

– Inline Fuel Filter

Click here to see the Onan Service Schedule to suit a 3.6KY

Air Filters

Genuine Cummins Onan air filters are designed with a special foam pre-cleaner, for use specifically in RV generators. Other manufacturers’ air filters may contain a lighter-density filter paper and the sealing surfaces may get hard and crack over time, allowing dirty air into the engine intake system. Over time it takes about a thimbleful of dirt to wear out piston rings and cylinders. (Replacement filters for some older models may not include the pre-cleaner.)

*Please note brush kit is not included in the ‘Basic” service kit