Federal 624MF Sealed Lead Acid Starter Battery


Federal 624MF Sealed Lead Acid Start Battery

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Federal 624MF Sealed Lead Acid Starter Battery is from a specialist battery supplier that has built its’ business on meeting the needs of a growing market requirement for premium and high end quality batteries in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Capitalising on over 60 years of combined experience in the battery industry and strong alliances with many of the worlds leading manufacturers

Federal 624MF Starter Battery Technical Information

Maintenance Maintenance Free
Current Limited Y
Country of Origin USA
Voltage 12
CCA 650
Capacity (Ah) N/A
Reserve Capacity 120
Weight (Kgs) 18.2

Federal 624MF Starter Battery Charging Information

Boost (V) 14.4-14.7
Float (V) 13.2-13.8
Suitable Charger View Charging Guide (PDF 2mb)

Federal 624MF Starter Battery Fitment information

Terminal: LHP SAE Top Post
Handle: Y
Flush Top: Y
Dimensions (mm) – Length: 273
Width: 171
Height: 229
Group: NS70 GROUP24