Onan 5.8Kva EFI Service Kit


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Onan 5.8Kva EFI Petrol Generator service kit

All genuine manufacturers replacement parts

Kit includes

  • 1* Spark Plug
  • 1* Oil Filter
  • 1* Fuel Filter
  • 1 * Air Filter

Oil Filters

Cummins Onan RV oil filters feature valves that allow oil to bypass the oil filter during cold starts, or if the filter becomes plugged. Other manufacturers’ oil filters often do not have bypass valves. As these “will-fit” filters trap debris, oil pressure starvation can occur, leading to high oil pressures, failed gaskets and even engine damage. Other “will-fit” oil filters do contain bypass valves but they do not determine at what PSI the valve opens. If the setting is too high, the filter’s paper element can be damaged during a cold start rendering it useless, or cause oil starvation to the engine.

Air Filters

Genuine Cummins Onan air filters are designed with a special foam pre-cleaner, for use specifically in RV generators. Other manufacturers’ air filters may contain a lighter-density filter paper and the sealing surfaces may get hard and crack over time, allowing dirty air into the engine intake system. Over time it takes about a thimbleful of dirt to wear out piston rings and cylinders. (Replacement filters for some older models may not include the pre-cleaner.)


**drive belt not included**